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How to choose solar panels?​

With the rise of the Solar industry, many new solar panel factories have been added to the market, and the quality of the solar panels is uneven, so how should we distinguish the quality of the solar panels we buy?

In the Chinese market, solar panels are classified into A, B, C, and D Grades according to their performance and appearance. The performance gap between different grades of solar panels is very large, and the price gap is also very large.
Grade A: High-quality solar panels, flawless, passing power test, passing EL test.
Grade B: It exists defects such as slight color differences and color spots, and slight scratches on the frame and glass.
Grade C: The cells are seriously defective and the corners are damaged.
Class D: The cells are fragments.
For friends who have just entered the solar industry, it is very likely to buy these Grade B & C solar panels. When they were first used, the efficiency was OK. But after two years of use, the efficiency dropped off a cliff. The Grade A solar panels have excellent performance and can be used for more than 25 years. Therefore, when purchasing solar panels, you must not ignore the quality of the products for cost savings, or you will be deceived by some informal merchants.

Now, you have a preliminary judgment on the quality of solar panels. In the next issue, we will talk about how to identify the grade of solar panels by yourself.

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