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As a responsible business owner, you can help protect the environment now and for future generations by producing your own clean solar energy. Solar energy helps decrease the amount of fossil fuels we utilize, thereby decreasing pollutants causing global warming. Existing sources of energy are becoming increasingly expensive as they are being depleted, but solar is a plentiful, reliable and renewable energy source. Adding a solar power generating system to your enterprise is a responsible business decision that can make you feel good about benefiting the environment and reducing your electricity & fuel cost.

Commercial Solar Power Systems & Installations From Solar-Forest

A commercial building could be a valuable, untapped asset for collecting solar energy! Put your rooftop to work and boost the value of your business by reducing its operating costs with a commercial solar installation.
Commercial solar systems are capable of generating small to large portions of your electricity usage, depending on available rooftop space or land area.
These systems qualify for a 30% Federal tax credit and accelerated depreciation—not to mention a long-term, reliable, on-site power generation asset.
There are many creative ways to make your commercial solar installation a reality. See below to explore popular installation options and further information on commercial solar power topics.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Power

Save Money

Save money on energy from day 1. Pay off your solar system and get free energy (5 to 10 years)...

Better Finance Options

include: Business loan, Bond extention, lease to own and PPA (Power Purchase Agreements)

Carbon Tax Benefits

Carbon tax benefits due to solar power being Non-polluting (air & water), renewable and a quite solution for power generation.

Wide Applications

Can be installed at busineseses, office block, shopping centres, farctories, mines or farms (with or without grid connections)

More Usages

Different system types available include; Off-grid, grid-tie or grid-interactive systems. With or without battery backups for load shedding and power outages.

Extra Income

Can be an additional source of income for a property owner / landlord / developer

Solar Panel Rooftop & Ground Mounts

Solar-Forest is able to offer affordable and high quality solar panel roof mounts. Our expert solar consultants help you carefully factor tructural and building code issues to provide the right solar panel roof mount solution to home and building from the buyers in the world.
The ideal orientation a solar panel roof mount installation is facing south ( in northern continents ) where optimum energy production will be achieved.
If your roof faces east or west your overall energy production will typically be 10 to 25% lower compared to a south-facing. On sloped roofs, the rack supporting the solar array is usually flush-mounted for aesthetic, cost and structural reasons. The annual energy production is also dependent on the tilt angle of the array (and roof).

Roof mounted Solar4Ground Mounts Solar1

Roof-Mounted Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings

Commercial building roof design can range from angled shingle or metal roofs to expansive flat roofs on larger facilities. Many commercial solar installation and mounting options exist and Solar-Forest can help you decide on what works right for you.

Common Roof Types On Commercial Buildings

The support racks for commercial solar installations vary based on the connection point between the rack and the roof surface. In the Midwest, common roof types are metal and shingle. Metal roofs are typically panel type or standing seam.

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Roof mounted Solar

Ground-Mounted Solar

For commercial properties with available land, installing a large ground mount system may be the perfect option for you. Our experts can help you make the right choice.
Additionally, a visible solar project could be an important element to your company’s image and commitment to sustainability.

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Ground Mounts Solar
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What is a Solar Carport?

A solar carport is a system of solar canopies which covers parking areas for residential, commercial and industrial use. Polar Racking offers carport solutions that can shield entire commercial parking lots or for very small sections within a parking lot. Before long, solar carports will be present in most, if not every, parking lot.
By installing a solar carport, owners have the benefit of generating power in an easily accessible, pre-owned area to power their existing operations or to produce additional revenue by selling power back into the grid. Solar carports offer the additional advantage of protecting cars from outdoor elements, which can be especially appealing to car dealerships. Learn more about solar carport benefits.

Solar Carport Mounting

Solar-Forest offers custom-designed solar carport mounting solutions for all types of parking lots. This includes single and double-row carport configurations.
Installing this type of solar carport system visibly displays an obvious commitment to sustainability, positive contribution to the community and genuine concern for the environment, all while generating power that will make or save money.
Often an under-utilized asset is a business’s parking lot area. Solar carports can convert your parking lot to a power plant! Also, your employees and visitors will appreciate convenient shade or shelter from the bright sun, rain, snow or ice!

Solar PV carports for projects of all sizes.
Choose from a wide variety of configurations to best meet your project requirements.
Key specifications:
1. Robust design – perfect to areas with heavy wind, snow or rain.
2. Multiple configuration options.
3. Waterproof solutions including gutters and down spouts available.
4. Snow guards and multiple paint options.
5. Perfect for EV charging stations.
6. Installation services available.

Solar Carport
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