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Customizing your solar power systems for homes and businesses

Risso solar provides affordable, high quality clean energy solutions for residential and commercial clients, we deliver smart solar energy solutions, services and strategies for all types of organizations and individuals from cities, towns, school districts and non-profits to real estate companies, landowners, business owners. We have extensive experience providing high quality solar equipment and service to residential and commercial clients all over the world. The solutions we offer are tailored individually for each of our clients, in order to satisfy their specific needs. We’ll work closely with you to reduce your energy costs, meet your business goals, and optimize your solar investment over time. The kind of our solar power solutions include: On-Grid, Off-Grid, Hybrid, Battery Energy-Storage, Portable Power Station and Solar LED Lighting.

We provide solar solutions

Solar Power Solutions for Home

Solar Power, Battery Energy Storage, Electric Vehicle Charging, Hot Water Heating, Home Automation & Performance Monitoring

Solar Power Solutions for Business

Solar Power, Load Profile Analysis, Performance Monitoring, Public Display Systems & Operations and Maintenance

portable solar

What solution is best for me?

We design residential ( large, small on-grid, and off-grid ), commercial and industrial solar applications.

Photovoltaics for the farmer

High Farms Bill

It often happens that electricity accounts for as much as 50% of all farm maintenance costs, where there are more and more devices and machines that need electricity to operate. Needless to say, the more “power-hungry” machines, the higher the costs for the farmer to pay for electricity for them. Much depends on the farm and the number of machines used, but it is estimated that the amount of invoices ranges from several hundred to several thousand zlotys for the billing period. Electricity prices are very high and even eat up a large part of farmers’ budgets. In addition, in the coming years, one should take into account an increase in electricity prices, which will directly increase the cost of running a farm.

Solar Panel for Farms

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular every day. They can be used not only in family homes, but also on farms. Due to the fact that the sun shines practically all year round, farmers have constant access to ecological electricity. The surpluses will be stored in the power grid and will be useful in winter, when the sun goes down much faster. Thanks to photovoltaic panels, farmers no longer have to worry about ever higher electricity prices. Additionally, a farmer who pays agricultural tax may deduct 25% of the value of investments in solar panels from the agricultural tax. In the case of farms that do not have a large amount of land and are engaged in processing or horticulture, the Agroenergia program can be used. The entire investment should pay off in about 6 years, and after this time you can enjoy free electricity and no bills for electricity used.

Who is Profitable

Investing in photovoltaics is rewarding for every farmer. No matter how much you consume. The size of the installation is completely selected according to your needs. Therefore, the farmers’ photovoltaic investment has paid off in just 6 years. By equipping their farms with solar panels, farmers can save a lot of money. In addition, they are independent of power plants and do not have to worry about any increase in electricity prices. In addition, this type of investment helps to create a modern ecological image of the Polish countryside.
Who is Profitable

Risso battery energy storage

Worrying about when the next power outage will occur. Our backup batteries will help you completely break away from your current utility company energy dependence. When combined with solar power, just one battery can power your entire house for multiple days. The next time the power goes out, while your neighbors sit in the dark, you can continue working normally as if nothing happened.

Clean energy for charging vehicles

Installing an electric car charger means you never have to stop at a gas station again – a limitless, clean, cost-effective way to run your car. Our team can help you choose an electric vehicle charger that suits your needs and install the right charging station. Did you know you can claim tax credits for electric vehicle chargers and solar systems?

Smart Solar Energy Systems for Commercial Properties

Get custom solar energy solutions for your business and step up your savings. We work with businesses large and small, across all industries. Most business owners don’t realize how much they can save by switching to a custom solar energy system. We’re here to change that. From consultation, to custom design and comprehensive financing options, our team of experts will help you minimize unnecessary costs and maximize savings. We’ve worked with just about every industry under the sun, including agricultural facilities, schools, gas stations and Mom & Pop shops. We are happy to offer 100% financing options with a multitude of benefits. Ask us about it today!

What Is A Solar Power Carport?

Solar carports are overhead canopies built to cover parking areas, and are distinct from panels installed onto a preexisting carport structure. Solar carports have many things in common with ground mount solar panels, which are angled panel modules installed on the ground rather than on a rooftop.

Both ground mount solar and solar carports eliminate the need for a surface on which the panels could be mounted. The primary difference between a solar carport and a typical ground mount installation is that carports are taller in order to make space for a car to park. Otherwise, the two are quite similar and each offer the benefit of allowing installers to orient the panels at the most optimal angle for sunlight exposure.

The great advantage of solar carports and solar patio covers is that they don’t require additional land the way ground mount does. As a result, solar panel carports offer a more efficient use of space than ground-mounted panels, even have incentives for solar canopy structures over ground mount. If you are concerned about efficient use of space, you should consider a solar carport over a ground-mounted system. Overall, solar panel carports have less restraints or conflicts than ground-mounted solar, and can be considered preferable under many circumstances.

Hybrid Grid System

Hybrid Grid System

The Hybrid Grid Backup System is the most effective system for locations with daily power shortages.

Solar On-Grid Systems with back up batteries are the ideal solution to reduce your electricity bill and to cover for frequent power cuts. They include solar modules which convert solar radiation into electricity, batteries that can store energy, a charge controller which supplies electricity to the batteries, and a hybrid inverter that supplies the load with power during electricity outages.

This inverter is also capable of supplying energy directly to the load during the day as well as producing excess electricity that can be sold to the grid through net metering. It allows for recharging the batteries from the grid when solar radiation is insufficient.


Main Components

On-Grid System

On-Grid System

Solar On-Grid System is the simplest way to reduce electricity bills. It includes solar modules to convert solar radiation into electricity during the day and an on-grid inverter to supply electricity to the load or sell the excess electricity to the grid through net-metering or feed in tariff schemes.


Main Components

Off Grid Solar System

Off Grid Solar System

The Solar Off-Grid System is completely independent from the grid. It uses solar energy to supply the load with power and to recharge the batteries for backup. An optional generator can be added for emergencies. This system is ideal for remote areas with limited access to the grid.


Main Components