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Solar power provides farms and homes a tremendous opportunity to become more energy independent. Whether it’s a consultation on a residential solar power system or installing solar power systems for farms, Solar-Forest  can help you get started with your energy needs.

Our experts will guide you through all the steps: from selecting the size of the solar panels, choosing where the panels should be installed, providing a detailed energy and financial analysis, and delivering a professional solar installation.

With a residential solar power system or solar power system for farms, you can start saving money on energy bills and enjoy long-term protection from rising electricity costs.

There are many ways to mount solar power systems. Unless your property or house is surrounded by tall trees, Solar-Forest can make solar work for you. We are also able to supply Wind Turbine and can help with your small-scale wind turbine installation too.

Benefits of Solar Power System at Home

Save Electricity Bills

Economizing on electricity bills is the first obvious benefit of a solar system at home.

Continuous Power Supply

Although power outages aren’t frequent now, in the future where fossil fuel becomes more limited, so a solar system will provide you with safety and will make you independent.

Zero Pollution

While installing a solar panel will not solve the entire problem that the environment is facing, it will certainly help in reducing it.

Increase Property Value

Having a solar system in your home shows the buyer that you’re concerned about the environment and that you take good care of your house.

Durable & Reliable

Most solar power systems are made of very durable materials. Solar panel can stay on the hood of your house for at least 30 years

Earn Profit

Your government would allow you to feed extra generated electricity back to the grid. Excess energy is supplied to the grid that will pay for you.

Solar Panel Rooftop & Ground Mounts

Solar-Forest is able to offer affordable and high quality solar panel roof mounts. Our expert solar consultants help you carefully factor tructural and building code issues to provide the right solar panel roof mount solution to home and building from the buyers in the world.
The ideal orientation a solar panel roof mount installation is facing south ( in northern continents ) where optimum energy production will be achieved.
If your roof faces east or west your overall energy production will typically be 10 to 25% lower compared to a south-facing. On sloped roofs, the rack supporting the solar array is usually flush-mounted for aesthetic, cost and structural reasons. The annual energy production is also dependent on the tilt angle of the array (and roof).

Rooftop Mounts Solar15Ground Mounts Solar13

Rooftop Mounts

Metal or shingle roofs are great locations for residential solar power systems. Turn your rooftop into a power plant so you can cut down on energy spending and boost your home’s value.

Common Roof Types

Solar-Forest has installed solar power systems on all types of metal and shingle roofs.  The rack for both applications is similar and the main difference is the connection between the rack and the roof surface. Common roof types are:
1. Tile roof racking system (Sloping Roof);
2. Galvanized roof racking system (Sloping Roof);
3. Flat concrete roof racking system.

Rooftop Mounts Solar6
Rooftop Mounts Solar13
Rooftop Mounts Solar10
Rooftop Mounts Solar5
Rooftop Mounts Solar3

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

A popular installation approach is ground-mounted solar panels. In situations where you have some ground area to work with (free of shade), and when you want the array off your roof, consider a ground mounted solar option. About 30% of our solar installations for homes are ground-mounted.

Solar-Forest has installed some of the largest residential ground-mounted solar arrays in many places for homes with large electric bills. Ground-mounted solar considerations are economical installations and eliminate the need for rooftop work. Open frame structures allow greater ventilation of the panels, improving electrical efficiency of the solar array since solar cell efficiency drops under hot summer temperatures.

Ground Mounts

For properties with a larger lot size, a ground mount option is a great choice and very popular. Ground mounted installations work great as solar power systems for farms and other properties with limited roofing options.
As the name implies, your solar system will be located on the ground (or flat rooftop).
The main advantage of ground mounted systems is that there is a wide range of options to choose from, depending on your location, your needs and the proposed design.
Ground mounted solar racking options you can choose from are:
1. Foundation mount;
2. Ballasted footing mount;
3. Pole mount;
4. Multi-pole mount.

Ground Mounts Solar11
Ground Mounts Solar2
Ground Mounts Solar5
Ground Mounts Solar1
Ground Mounts Solar6

Solar-Forest Tracker with 2-Axis Tracking System

The Solar-Forest Tracking System is a Made in China high quality, 2-axis solar tracker. The solar tracker is controlled by GPS and automatically tracks the sun from early morning to late evening.
For residential, farm or larger commercial installations, Solar-Forest sun tracking solar panels are high-end, high-efficiency solar solutions.
Learn more below about the benefits of installing a solar tracking system on your building or residential property.

Solar-Forest Trackers Mounting

Generate up to 40% more power per kilowatt of solar panel capacity.
Solar-Forest solar panels can rotate and track the sun from morning to evening, capturing significantly more energy per unit of solar panel than fixed (non-tracking) solar arrays.
Since the Solar-Forest Tracker maintains optimum orientation to the sun, the power output is higher and more consistent per kW of array capacity throughout the day.  A fixed solar array like a roof or ground mount will produce a pronounced bell-shaped curve with higher amplitude and shorter duration.

Tracker with 2-Axis Tracking System4
Tracker with 2-Axis Tracking System1
Tracker with 2-Axis Tracking System2
Tracker with 2-Axis Tracking System
Tracker with 2-Axis Tracking System3
Rooftop Mounts Solar12

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