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SFP Off-Grid Inverters

SFP inverter is a new type of PV storage inverter control inverter integrating PV storage & utility charging and energy storage with AC sine wave output. It is controlled by DSP and characterized by high responsiveness, reliability and industrial standards through advanced control algorithms.
SFP inverter can be connected in parallel with 6 devices, charging current up to 260A, support lithium-ion battery BMS dual activation, with comprehensive safety protection from hardware to software side, dual MPPT, efficiency up to 99.9% 400V three-phase power system, suitable for large-scale equipment.


Caravanning Systems


Off-grid Household


Communication Base Station




Island Border Defense


Power Station




Dual MPPT with up to 99.9% efficiency.Up to 800V PV input voltage, ideal for high power.



Outputs high quality pure sine wave AC power. 8-12kW load power to meet the needs of most households

Convenient installation

Convenient installation

Industrial design with a modern aesthetic look.Easy to install and simple to use.



360 degrees of security from hardware to software. IEC、FCC and other safety approvals

All in One

All in One

The 400V three-phase system is effcient, reliable andideal for large equipment, providing energy and costsaving



Exclusive Li-jon battery BMS dual activation.Time-slot function to save cost with peak-valley tariffs.

short-circuit protection

self protection

It has complete short-circuit protection, over-under-voltage protection, overload protection, reverse irrigation protection and so on.

Highly efficient heat dissipation

Service life

Intelligent adjustable speed fan is adopted to dissipate heat efficiently and prolong system life.

LCD liquid crystal display

LED Screen

LCD liquid crystal display design, 3 LED indicators, dynamic display of system data and operating status.

Off-Grid Solution

Hybrid Solution​

Core Technology Strong R&D Strength

0 +
0 +
90+ Utility Model
0 +
90+ Appearance Patent
0 +
30+ Software Copyright

2 Laboratories

Spending millions of dollars to build 2 large independent R & D center laboratory.

Core technology, independent research and development

Break through the barriers, master the core technology, independent research and development of high-precision, high-standard 8 major technologies, access to more than 60 invention patents.

Innovative design, quality upgrade

Adopting fully digital voltage and current double closed-loop control, advanced SPWM technology, output pure sine wave; advanced MPPT technology, efficiency up to 99.9%.

Project Customization Matching Special Needs

Project Customization

Project docking, standing in the customer's point of view, clear product special needs, tailor-made.

Cost saving

Match the project needs to achieve cost-effective optimization solutions to reduce costs.


SFP Off-Grid 48V | 8~10kW CE Standard Inverters_datasheet      Preview Preview      Download Download
SFP Off-Grid 48V | 8~10kW US Standard Inverters_datasheet      Preview Preview      Download Download
SFP Off-Grid 400V | 8~10kW CE Standard Inverters_datasheet    Preview Preview      Download Download
SFP Off Grid 48V | 8~10kW CE Standard inverter usermanua      Preview Preview      Download Download
SFP Off Grid 48V | 8~10kW US Standard inverter usermanua      Preview Preview      Download Download
SFP Off Grid 400V| 8~10kW CE Standard inverter usermanua    Preview Preview      Download Download


Voltage Converters

Voltage Converters

Our voltage converters help to power your devices in another country than what they were initially intended. Make sure you select the right size converter for your application, as sizing it too small will result in the fuse blowing constantly.

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Our pure sine wave inverters, sometimes known as true sine or pure wave, provide quality AC power for all of your devices. Our models produce an output wave that is equal to or better than what you might receive from the power company to your home or office.

Voltage Converters

Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Our modified sine wave inverters are an inexpensive way of converting your 12 or 24 volt DC battery bank into 110-120 volt AC (North American electrical power). These are a common and economical choice for most customers looking to install an inverter in their vehicle, camper, RV, and stationary setups.

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